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Our school was founded in 2007 and is located in Esker Lane, Lucan.  We cater for pupils in Lucan and its environs.


We operate under a charter which guarantees children and parents of all faiths and none equal respect in the operation and governing of education.


Our Curriculum emphasises literacy, numeracy and language. It responds to changing needs in science and technology, social personal and health education, and citizenship.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 11:26

Exceptional School Closures; Child protection half days and 1 day Language Curriculum training

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Important dates for your diary re ‘exceptional’ school closures i.e. school closures that are not on the school calendar.

Thursday 22nd February: School closes at 12:20 pm for Child Protection training


Friday 9th March: School closes at 12:20 pm for Child Protection Training


Monday 12th March: School closed all day for Staff Training on New Language Curriculum

Child Protection

The Department of Education and Skills have developed new Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools. These have been developed by the DES in consultation with the partners in education to take account of The Children First Act, 2015 and the revised Children First Guidelines, 2017.

In line with these new procedures all Primary schools in the country have been advised to close their schools for two half days so that all staff; teachers, SNAs and ancillary staff can be trained in their new responsibilities. This training will further the staff’s understanding of what they need to do if they witness or hear of abuse of children, whether that be in the form of physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect. Teachers are now mandated reporters and are now legally obliged to report concerns they have to the Designated Liaison Person (Colette). The school will close early at 12:20 on 22nd February and on 9th March to facilitate this training.

The New Language Curriculum

In a totally separate development, the new Language (English and Irish) Curriculum is being rolled out in the junior classes in schools this year. Our staff have been asked to attend one day’s training in the Dublin West Education Centre on Monday March 12th. For this reason the school will be closed all day on March 12th.

Happy Chinese New Year to all families who are celebrating on Friday. We wish you joy and prosperity at this special time of year for you and your families,

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