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Our school was founded in 2007 and is located in Esker Lane, Lucan.  We cater for pupils in Lucan and its environs.


We operate under a charter which guarantees children and parents of all faiths and none equal respect in the operation and governing of education.


Our Curriculum emphasises literacy, numeracy and language. It responds to changing needs in science and technology, social personal and health education, and citizenship.

Wednesday, 04 October 2017 10:51

Road safety - Again

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I would particularly like to remind all parents of their responsibility for safe driving in and around the school, both at the main entrance and at the Castle Road entrance. Be mindful at all times that there are 430 children coming and going in this school. The Board of Management is extremely concerned about safety. Please be extremely careful to ensure your own child’s safety and the safety of all the children in this school. The best way to improve things would be for more parents to use the Castle -Road entrance. It is safer and quicker for the parents who use it at the moment. Be careful also of the children who are attending other schools on Castle Road. As parents we have responsibility to all children. Pedestrian/zebra crossings inside and outside the school are there to ensure that children can cross safely at strategic points on the road. I have had reports from Parents that some parents do not stop at the pedestrian crossing. This is the most serious road offence that you can make as children are taught that this is a safe place to cross. Be extra careful at pedestrian/zebra crossings . Please also be careful to be mannerly and careful with our neighbours, particularly in you are parking in their estate. We would like our relationships with our neighbours to be as friendly and polite as possible.

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