Tuesday, 03 September 2013 20:44

Ladybird Hunt

Tuesday, 3rd September, 2013

In First Class Red we have been noticing that there are lots of ladybirds living in the school yard at the moment. Today we decided to go on a ladybird hunt and we collected ladybirds to take back to the class for a closer inspection with magnifying glasses.

Please look back soon to see some photographs of our ladybird hunt :).

Wednesday, 11th September, 2013

We have also been learning lots of interesting things about ladybirds. Today we created diamond poems about ladybirds. Here's one that the whole class came up with together...



Wings abdomens

Crawling flying eating

Spotty red


by First Class Red

After brainstorming one as a class we all wrote our own diamond poem about ladybirds. Here are some of the lovely poems that we came up with!



Wings spotty

Flying sleeping playing

Red antennas


by Wasi



Abdomen red

Eating flying sleeping

Elytra orange


by Sebastian



Wings spotty

Eating flying playing

Yellow antennas


by Robyn



Orange elytra

Sleeping playing tickling

Wings antennas


by Abeeha





Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:03


WELCOME TO OUR FIRST CLASS WEBPAGE! There are 24 children in our class, who are already settling into First Class very well. We are very excited to be able to show you some of the things that we will be learning about this year....




On our webpage you will be able to see photographs of different activities, trips and lessons in school. There will also be links to games that will help with your child's learning and also links to relevant sites for parents.

Here is a useful link to the main ideas and skills that your child will be learning about in 1st Class across each of the curriculum areas.



Here is a very useful link for parents who are looking to further support their child in Maths in First Class.


There are some useful videos available on helping your child with their Maths homework along with a few fun games to play at the link below.





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