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RSE Meeting Parents of 4th 5th and 6th

Over the next few weeks the school will be covering a module called Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) as part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). The aim of the programme is to provide children with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish healthy personal relationships as children and subsequently as adults. As a school community we acknowledge that parents have a pivotal role in the education of their children and most particularly in this aspect of the curriculum.

In order for you to familiarise yourself with the content we have placed our policy and plan on the school website, You can access the RSE documents from the parent section of our website under the heading policies. In this document and PowerPoint explanation you will find the specific content for your child’s class outlined along with general information about the programme.

The material covered will be delivered by the class teachers from Junior Infants to 3rd class.

 It has been decided by the RSE steering committee to split the boys from the girls in 4th class for the more sensitive areas of the programme. The class teachers will talk with the girls and Tom (Deputy Principal) will talk with the boys. Parents in 4th class will be asked to sign a consent form for these lessons.

 For 5th class and 6th class children, we have invited ACCORD, an agency which has experience and expertise in this area to speak to the children. These lessons, delivered by Accord to 5th class and 6th class separately will take place here in the school during the school day on May 24th . Parents of 5th and 6th classes will be asked to sign a consent form to allow their children to take part in these lessons. Although Accord is a Catholic organisation, there will be no religious message delivered with the programme. We recognise the diversity of our families and we recognise and appreciate their different values and morals regarding RSE. Accordingly the steering committee feels that it the duty of parents to ensure that their own religious and moral values will be central to what they teach at home.

 We strongly advise that all parents and parents of pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th class attend the meeting tomorrow night Wednesday 18th May in the school.  Colette will present the 4th class programme and a speaker from Accord will present the 5th and 6th class programme and will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

We also strongly advise that you allow your children to participate in these lessons to ensure that the information they receive is factually correct and is delivered in a safe environment. Children receive messages from television, advertising, videos, magazines and computers from their friends about this subject. Parents may not even be aware or, or indeed may not like, the messages their children get from informal sources. We believe that it is preferable that this information is presented accurately and sensitively by a professional educator.


Please do not bring your children with you to this meeting as it is reserved for parents only.

Please find reports from our Board of Management meetings and the principal's reports to these meetings under the Board of Management tag in the  "About us" section of this website. An agreed report from the minutes and the principal's report to the Board  will be uploaded to keep all our parents informed of the workings of the Board and the schoo. Once again may I remind you about the translate button on this site if you wish to change the text into another language  

      Below are a list of dates that you should note for your diaires. the final half term in the school is very busy.   

      Art class for parents – Making props for Mary Poppins – Wed 11th at 9.30am

·         Grandparents Day (8.30 – 11.00) on Thursday 12th May

·         Relationships and Sexuality Parents (4th 5th and 6th ) Information evening Wednesday 18th May at 7:30pm

·         New Junior Infants parents night on Tuesday 24th May at 7:30pm

·         PTA book sale on Thursday 26th May

·         Santry Athletics Monday 23rd  Monday 30th May: Athletics team interschool competition

·         Mary Poppins various performances First week in June

·         Mary Poppins Gala evening performance Thursday 2nd June 7:30 pm

·         Internet/mobile phone  safety talk for parents on Thursday   9th June at 7.30pm

·         Sports Day on 16th June

·         6th Class graduation, Thursday 23rd Jun

      School closes on Thursday 30th June for summer holidays  and reopens for the new school year on Thursday 1st September 2016




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April 2016 Newsletter

April Newsletter

Reminder School closed all next week for midterm break, as per school calendar.

Dear Parents,

How the year has flown!

We are already heading into the second half of last term and into the beginning of summer, although you would never think it from the weather. I want to let you know some upcoming dates for our very busy final two months in this school year. Some of these will be of interest to you.

Many of our children are currently rehearsing for our upcoming performances of Mary Poppins which will take place in the first week of June. Excitement is building in the school around this great adventure for the children involved and for the rest of the school, the sudience!

Other important dates for your diary

·         Art class for parents – Making props for Mary Poppins – Wed 11th at 9.30am

·         Grandparents Day (8.30 – 11.00) on Thursday 12th May

·         Relationships and Sexuality Parents (4th 5th and 6th ) Information evening Wednesday 18th May at 7:30pm

·         New Junior Infants parents night on Tuesday 24th May at 7:30pm

·         PTA book sale on Thursday 26th May

·         Santry Athletics Monday 23rd  Monday 30th May: Athletics team interschool competition

·         Mary Poppins various performances First week in June

·         Mary Poppins Gala evening performance Thursday 2nd June 7:30 pm

·         Internet/mobile phone  safety talk for parents on Thursday   9th June at 7.30pm

·         Sports Day on 16th June

·         6th Class graduation, Thursday 23rd June

There will be further information about each of these events as the date becomes nearer. This newsletter and other information be also be available on our website, along with the option to translate everything into the language of your choice. There are many other dates, including class trips that each teacher will contact you about separately.

Attendance: The final term is very important for your children. Please make sure that they full attendance until the end of June. Formal testing takes place in June which is very important for each individual child. We also have disappointed children every year who cannot attend their 6th class graduation or their end of year class trips because the family has chosen to take early holidays. Please do not do this!                                          More information and news over the page

Next year: Please let us know if your child will not be returning to our school next year for any reason, moving house, going abroad etc. We have waiting lists for all our classes and very anxious parents and children who want to attend our school. If you know that your child will not be back in September you must let us know immediately.

Chess team: Congratulations to our chess team who secured a great victory in an interschool completion held yesterday in Lucan East. Our team of four boys (Frank, Fade, John and Oscar) and one sole girl (Denisa) were the ultimate winners in a four school tournament against 4 teams from Lucan East Educate Together, Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada and Newbridge Educate Together. Congratulations to the team and to Tom who teaches and trains the team every Monday afternoon in the chess club and organises inter school tournaments. Well done to all involved.


Don’t forget to look out for Mary Poppins who will be popping into our school in June.






Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:36

Chess team victory

 Chess team: Congratulations to our chess team who secured a great victory in an interschool completion held yesterday in Lucan East. Our team of four boys (Frank, Fade, John and Oscar) and one sole girl (Denisa) were the ultimate winners in a four school tournament against 4 teams from Lucan East Educate Together, Gaelscoil Eiscir Riada and Newbridge Educate Together. Congratulations to the team and to Tom who teaches and trains the team every Monday afternoon in the chess club and organises inter school tournaments. Well done to all involved.



Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:36

Mary Poppins

Preparations are in full swing for our school's performances of Mary Poppins in the first week of June with the gala performance for parents on Thursday 2nd June at 7:30 pm.  Many of our children from 2nd top 6th are currently rehearsing madly for the upcoming performances which will take place in the first week of June. Excitement is building in the school around this great adventure for the children involved and for the rest of the school, the audience! Children from other local schools as well as our own school community will be invited to see the performance 


Wednesday, 04 May 2016 16:36

April Newsletter in News section

April Newsletter can be viewed in News section. Many important dates of things to come in the school included. Don't forget the translate button if you would like to read any content on this website in a different language. See also Board of Management  report in BOM section 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 10:31

Headlice Again!

Notice: Recurring problem of Head lice: Parent Alert


Dear Parents,

Head lice is a recurring problem that affects all school children and all schools. This is not a problem that we can deal with in school. We rely on the parent body to resolve this within their own families, so that spreading of the lice does not recur. Please do your best to ensure that your children are headlice free, by checking regularly and treating if necessary. 


We are asking that every parent in the school checks their child’s hair for lice this evening at home time. If your child has head lice, treat it immediately, today or tomorrow at the latest.  Boys’ hair as well as girls’ hair need to be checked and treated if infected.

Below is some information taken from the HSE (Health Services Executive) website for your immediate attention:

Head lice can sometimes be difficult to treat due to a high re-infestation rate and their ability to develop resistance to traditional insecticides contained in some medications. After a head lice infestation has been confirmed, you can treat the lice at home by wet comb using a head lice comb or medicated lotions.

Wet-combing method

The wet-combing method involves removing the head lice by systematically combing the hair using a special fine-toothed comb with a spacing of less than 0.3mm. Your pharmacist can advise you on which combs are suitable. No medicated products are necessary for wet combing. This can be beneficial because head lice are becoming more resistant to the insecticides that are commonly used to remove them. However, the success of the wet-combing method depends on adopting a painstaking approach that involves regular and thorough combing. The wet-combing method is described below.

·         Wash the hair using ordinary shampoo and apply ample conditioner, before using a wide-toothed comb to straighten and untangle the hair.

·         Once the comb moves freely through the hair without dragging, switch to the louse detection comb. Make sure that the teeth of the comb slot into the hair at the roots with the bevel-edge of the teeth lightly touching the scalp.

·         Draw the comb down to the ends of the hair with every stroke and check the comb for lice.

·         Remove lice by wiping or rinsing the comb.

·         Work methodically through the hair section by section so that the whole head of hair is combed through.

·         Rinse out the conditioner and repeat the combing procedure in the wet hair.

·         Repeat the procedure on day five, nine and 13 in order to clear the young lice as they hatch, before they have time to reach maturity.

Medicated lotion or spray

·         Medicated lotion or spray is an alternative method for treating head lice. However, no medicated treatment is 100% effective. Your pharmacist will be able to recommend an over-the-counter lotion or spray.

·         Medicated treatments should only be used if a living (moving) head louse is found. Crème rinses and shampoos are not thought to be effective and are therefore not recommended.

·         Make sure that you have enough lotion to treat everyone in your family who is affected by head lice. Use enough to coat the scalp and the length of the hair during each application.

·         Follow the instructions that come with the medicated lotion or spray when applying it. Depending on the product you are using, the length of time that it needs to be left on the head can vary from 10 minutes to 8 hours.

·         The normal advice is to treat once, then repeat after seven days. Some medicated products also supply a comb for removing dead lice and eggs.

·         Traditional insecticides must not be used more than once a week for three weeks in a row. Some products carry a fire warning.

·         Some medicated products may be capable of killing eggs as well as lice, although there is no certainty of this. Check for baby lice hatching from eggs three to five days after you use a product, and again 10 to12 days afterwards.

·         A minimum of two applications of lotion are needed to kill the lice over the hatching period because the lotions do not always kill louse eggs.

·         If the lice appear to be unaffected by the product (some lice may have developed resistance to a particular insecticide) or if the problem persists, seek advice from your school nurse, health visitor, pharmacist or GP.


Always seek advice from a healthcare professional before using medicated head lice lotions on the following groups:

·         young babies (under six months old)

·         pregnant women

·         people with asthma or allergies

·         Always read the instructions carefully before using medicated head lice lotions.

Prevention from re-infestation;

Kids at school and in childcare settings are going to play, and their play may lead to the spread of head lice. However, you can take steps to prevent the spread of lice among children and adults. To reduce the chance of you or your child contracting a case of head lice, start by not sharing items that touch the head. Though it may be tempting to share personal belongings (especially for kids), doing so can lead to the spread of head lice. Avoid sharing combs and brushes, hair clips and accessories, hats and bike helmets, scarves and coats, towels, headsets and earbuds. Parents should encourage their children to tie their hair up in a pony-tail or plait for the foreseeable future.



Proclamation Day and Seachtain na Gaeilge, Ceolchoirm agus Ceilí.

Tuesday 16th March 2016


Proclamation Day and Raising of the Flag

Along with all schools in the country, Esker ETNS will commemorate the Easter Rising and the first reading of the Proclamation on Easter Monday 1916, tomorrow 15th March, 2016, almost one hundred years later.

Tomorrow, our school will ceremoniously raise the Irish National Flag, the green white and orange tricolour.  The 1916 Proclamation of an Irish Republic will also be read out at this ceremony. The Proclamation is regarded as the seminal document in the Irish Revolutionary period which began in 1916 and led, ultimately, to the birth of an independent Irish State. Earlier in this school year, we had a visit from members of the Irish Air Corps who presented our school with the National Flag and a copy of the original Proclamation.

The children in the school have also worked on a new Proclamation, a Proclamation for a New Generation. A copy of this Proclamation, which articulates the dreams and hopes of our children for their future, will be sent home to each household after Easter.

At 10:40 am on Tuesday, the school children and staff will assemble at the front of the school. Extracts from the 1916 Proclamation will be read by two of our children. The Proclamation for a New Generation will also be read by senior children from the school pupils’ council. The National Fag will be raised at 11:00am followed by a rendering by school community of the Irish National Anthem, Amhrán na bhFiann.

Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language week)

As we are also celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge this week, ceilis and ceolchoirms (Irish dancing and concerts) will form part of our full day of celebration tomorrow Tuesday.  6th Class Green has prepared a drama about the events of Easter Week a hundred years ago and will perform this for the school on Tuesday morning. 

We invite all the children to wear green or green, white and orange to mark this very special day in Irish schools across the country.

 Pupils' Council Fundraiser for Cancer research

 Tuesday and Wednesday, 8th and 9th March,  were very exciting days in the school. The pupils council under the direction of Seona and Liz organised a Charity Junior Fun day (Tuesday) and a football tounament for the Senior school on Wednesday. Both days led to great excitement in the schools. On Wednesday afternoon, the whole school turned out to witness a match between the All-Stars Red and Green teams. The best boy and girl player from each class (Red or Green ) from 3rd to 6th were selected to play in the All Star Final. This All-Star talented group played Green vs Red in the junior Yard  supported by the whole school. The first half ended in a draw but the second half finished with a total of three goals, 2 to the reds and 1 to the greens. Congratualtions to all participants and to the organisers who mangaed to raise a whopping €750 for Cancer research. 


Reminder: School closes early (12:20pm) on Wednesday 16th March for the Easter Holidays. School re-opens after the holidays on Monday 4th April.There will be no school lunches on Wednesday this week as we are closing early. Please send in a small lunch for your child.