Tuesday, 07 June 2016 18:44

The bankers in Mary Poppins

BOO to the mean bankers who gave us much to laugh at during the show 

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 18:30

Mary Poppins

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 18:30

Internet Safety Evening: 9th June

 Internet safety Evening:  A very important meeting will be held here in the school on Thursday 9th June.. A speaker from the National Parents Council will, talk to interested parents about internet safety for our children and give   tips as to how to manage social media sites and cyber bullying. 


Monday, 30 May 2016 12:37

Countdown to Mary Poppins

Cast and crew  working really hard to put the final touches to our production of Mary Poppins. There will two performances for parents and families. The first is on Thursday night at 7:30 pm. This is reserved for the families of the cast and crew. The second is on Friday at 1;00 sharp for any parents who would like to see it.  Both performances are ticketed events so make that you get whatever tickets you need from Catherine.

I'm not sure that there are many left for either performance. Remember also that parjking will be problematic. There will not be spaces avaialble in the school grounds. Leave your car at home or park outside where it is safe. There is usually quite a lot of space at the Castle Road entrance where it is permissable to park

A very hearty congratulatons to our field event team who represented our school at Cumann na mBunscol interschool athletic competiton yesterday. The team did very well and brought ghome three individaul medals. Fade won bronze medal for the hurdles, Malvina won silver medal for a spectacular jump of 3 metre and 50 cm and Frank brought home a gold medal for shot putt. Who knew! 

Congratulations to all involved and a very big thank you to their teacher trainers, Karen M, Seona, Rob and Sinead. 

Roll on next week when the 2nd round of Santry takes place, our sprint and relay teams will compete, representing the school on that day. Run like the wind!


Tuesday, 24 May 2016 12:57

New Parents' Evening Tuesday 21st May

All our parents of New Junior infants and those of children coming into older classes are invited to an information meeting here in the schoool on Tuesday 21st MAy at 7;30 in the hall. You will be given a welcome pack, filled with information booklets and sheets which will answer many of the questions that you have about the practical running of the school as well as curricular, extra curricular activities and about our Educate Together ethos. Colette and Tom will talk to you about the school, the school day, the calendar and traffic management.  The new Junior Infant teachers will talk about how you might prepare your children for school and a little about Aistear and the Junior Infant curriculum. Gemma, our Home School Community Liaison teacher, will talk you you about how you might become involved in our very busy parents programmes and how you might get involved in in-class support. Honor from the PTA will talk toy you abourt what they do and how you might wish to become involved in their committee. Tea and Coffee will be served . We look forward to meeting with you all and to getting to know you. 

Friday, 20 May 2016 14:23

Mary Poppins preparations

The countdown is on to our most ambitious production yet. The children are feverishly rehearsing  and teachers, Barry our caretaker and his brother Darren are busy preparing a very elaborate and professional set. Stage One, building the set from scratch yesterday. Stage two, undercoating and priming today. Further updates on the way. Look out for tickets to the show. Parents of cast members invited to the Gala performance on Thursday 2nd June and all others interested parents on Friday afternoon. 3rd June. Exact times to follow. BY the way, the face you see looking over the back drop is Darren not Barry. They look almost the same. Don't spill any paint now!

 Esker Educate Together National School has just been awarded a Science Foundation Ireland Discover Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence for the 2015/16 academic year. We are thrilled to see that all of the science, technology, engineering and maths work, carried out in our school has been acknowledged and celebrated with this award. I know that the children really enjoyed taking part in the Awards programme this year. A most hearty congratulations to 6th Class Green and their teacher Deirdre who organised and led the programme in the school this year. I know that Deirdre also wanted to thank Niamh who was responsible for our success in this area over the last two years and gave invaluable advice to Deirdre who was leading the application for the first time. Well done to all involved.





Wednesday, 18 May 2016 15:40

RSE Meeting Parents of 4th 5th and 6th

Over the next few weeks the school will be covering a module called Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) as part of our ongoing Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE). The aim of the programme is to provide children with structured opportunities to develop their knowledge, attitudes, values, beliefs and practical skills necessary to establish healthy personal relationships as children and subsequently as adults. As a school community we acknowledge that parents have a pivotal role in the education of their children and most particularly in this aspect of the curriculum.

In order for you to familiarise yourself with the content we have placed our policy and plan on the school website, You can access the RSE documents from the parent section of our website under the heading policies. In this document and PowerPoint explanation you will find the specific content for your child’s class outlined along with general information about the programme.

The material covered will be delivered by the class teachers from Junior Infants to 3rd class.

 It has been decided by the RSE steering committee to split the boys from the girls in 4th class for the more sensitive areas of the programme. The class teachers will talk with the girls and Tom (Deputy Principal) will talk with the boys. Parents in 4th class will be asked to sign a consent form for these lessons.

 For 5th class and 6th class children, we have invited ACCORD, an agency which has experience and expertise in this area to speak to the children. These lessons, delivered by Accord to 5th class and 6th class separately will take place here in the school during the school day on May 24th . Parents of 5th and 6th classes will be asked to sign a consent form to allow their children to take part in these lessons. Although Accord is a Catholic organisation, there will be no religious message delivered with the programme. We recognise the diversity of our families and we recognise and appreciate their different values and morals regarding RSE. Accordingly the steering committee feels that it the duty of parents to ensure that their own religious and moral values will be central to what they teach at home.

 We strongly advise that all parents and parents of pupils of 4th, 5th and 6th class attend the meeting tomorrow night Wednesday 18th May in the school.  Colette will present the 4th class programme and a speaker from Accord will present the 5th and 6th class programme and will be available to answer any questions that you may have.

We also strongly advise that you allow your children to participate in these lessons to ensure that the information they receive is factually correct and is delivered in a safe environment. Children receive messages from television, advertising, videos, magazines and computers from their friends about this subject. Parents may not even be aware or, or indeed may not like, the messages their children get from informal sources. We believe that it is preferable that this information is presented accurately and sensitively by a professional educator.


Please do not bring your children with you to this meeting as it is reserved for parents only.

Please find reports from our Board of Management meetings and the principal's reports to these meetings under the Board of Management tag in the  "About us" section of this website. An agreed report from the minutes and the principal's report to the Board  will be uploaded to keep all our parents informed of the workings of the Board and the schoo. Once again may I remind you about the translate button on this site if you wish to change the text into another language  

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