January 2016 Newsletter 




Dear parents,

The Department of Education and Skills is introducing a new Language Curriculum (English and Irish) in all Irish Primary schools, commencing next September.  Schools have been informed to close for one half-day to facilitate in-service training for teachers. Our school (and the other Educate Together schools in our Commen Enrolment system) have chosen Wednesday 27th January 2016 for the early closing.

 Schools will close for all children at 12:20 pm on that day.




It has come to my attention that some of our parents continue to be very careless with the safety of the children in the school grounds and also on the road outside the school.

Drivers must stop at pedestrian crossings when there is a person, adult or child crossing the road.  Careless, dangers behaviour will not be tolerated. This carelessness could potentially result in a serious accident or even a fatality.

Your child maybe the victim of some parents’ carelessness or you may be the cause of an accident. Our new Board of Management is making Road Safety a priority for their term of office.  In the meantime make sure that your actions are always in the interests of safety of all of our children. Drive slowly and carefully in the school grounds and in the vicinity of the school.

Be doubly alert for potential dangers.  Work closely with us to ensure child safety.




In the morning when children are coming into the yard to their class lines please use the side gates only.  Please do NOT come in through the front door.  The side gates remain open until 9.35am so even if you are late you can still use them.  Also parents who come into the school building at this time please also leave through these gates.  Thank you.







To all Parents of children in Junior infants to 2nd class  Esker Educate Together N.S.

Parent-Teacher Clinic Meetings of children in Junior, Senior infants, 1st and 2nd  Classes will take place next week. At this meeting the class teacher will discuss your child’s progress in all subject areas.  They will also discuss your child’s behaviour, attendance and social development. The teacher will let you know how your child has settled into school and their class.

The meetings will take place on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of February  2016 in the school. We have allocated 10 minutes for each Parent/Teacher meeting.

 We have allocated a time for you to meet with your child’s class teacher.  If you have more than one child in Junior infants to 2nd class we have tried to make it convenient for you and have made the meetings close together and on the same day.   Please try and arrive five minutes before your allocated time.  Please also be aware that other parents will be waiting outside so if the meeting is running over time or if you are late for your meeting the teacher may request that you come back at another time for a second appointment.

There may be circumstances where the allocated time does not suit you to attend and if that is so, the class teacher will do everything he/she can to allocate you another time.  Please contact them directly if this is the case. 

Make thie meeting a priority!


A reminder that school closes early for the children on Wednesday 27th January to facilitate in-service training for teachers on the introduction of the new language ciurriculum beginning next September. School closes at 12:20 on Wednesday. A reduced, small lunch will be available for the children on that day.

Reminder also that parent teacher meetings will take place on February 9th and 10th for parents of children in Junior Infants, Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd classes. Make sure that you returm the note from your class teacher and make sure to turn up on time for these very imporrtant meetings. 


What a wonderful way to end our first term with a very successful Mother tongue concert. We are really grateful to those parents who came to the school to teach traditional songs and dances in various different languages to children in their mother tongue. Thanks to Virginia and Zedd who taught the Lithuanian Da Gaideliai to Lithuanian speakers; Serena for her Christmas song, Mos Caciun mosul bun for the Romanian group;   Karolina for the Polish song, Domowa Piosenka; Monserrat for Bata Mi for the children speak Yuroba and Shandana for Pakistani anthem in Urdu.

There is an even bigger thank you to parents who actually performed in the concert as well as preparing children. Thanks to Sophie who gave a haunting rendition of an eighteenth century traditional Mandarin song about the beautiful jasmine flower, Mo Li Hua. Her performance with the Mandarin group brought tears to our eyes. This was wonderfully contrasted with a stirring performance by our new family, the Mastrominicos from Italy who performed a rousing Italian song Me so ‘mbriacato as well as preparing a group for an extremely lively traditional Italian dance, the Tarantella, which was greatly enjoyed by the dancers and audience alike.

Class teachers also prepared the children with many different language performances also, including the Latvian chant Es bi j puka, O le le from the Congo, Hung chai may may from China. Adula, a traditional Ugandan chant, Ta San Nichloas ag teacht as Gaeilge, Frere Jacques in ten different languages, Jambo (Swahili) from Kenya, Padesneig from Poland  and  La Vague Noire from France. The two 4th classes did a wonderful Bollywood style dance Jai Ho which was a firm favourite with many of the audience. Second class did a great version of Hello to all the children of the world.

Bell ringers and tin whistle players added to the merriment on the day.


We are also very grateful to the many parents, to many to mention, who came to the school during Mother tongue week and who read stories, poems, plays and did artwork and sang songs in various different languages and representing various different cultures. 

Don't forget early closing on Tuesday 22nd December 2015. School scloses at 12:20 pm. School re-opens on Wednesday 6th January  at 9:20 am. I would like to wish all families who celebrate Chrsitmas a hapyy and wonderful time at this very special and joyeous time of year. To all our families, I wish you all the very best for the holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year 

Thursday, 17 December 2015 21:42

Mother Tongue concert tomorrow Friday

The children are all greatly excited about the concert tomorrow. There are all sorts of songs, musical performances and dances in different languages, with performances originating from all corners of our world.   There is a myriad of performances  for  your enjoyment tomorrow. Rememeber you can come at 11;30 or 12;30 depending on which half  your child's performance is. You are also welcome to come to both halves if you have children in  both. Tea and coffee and cakes will be served during the interval between 12:15 to 12:30. We would be delighted if the children dressed in traditonal national costumes. I know that some children like to do this amnd otherws don't. 

A great big thank you to all outgoing members of the school's Board of Management. This Board has served the school for four long years and was repsonsible for overseeing the building of our wonderful new school. The old Board finished up formally on 30th Novemeber and went out last Friday evening for a celebratory thank-you meal, organised by our parent nominee, Jacky Zhang. We had a great night. Unfortunately,  our treasurer Sandra was not able to come to the celebration as she was sick. We were sorry to miss her at the dinner. Some of the members of the old Board are continuing with us on the new Board, including Peggy Masterson, our wonderful Chairperson. We are delighted that she has agreed to go for another term. Sandra, our treasurer and Marie our community nominee are also staying on with us as is is Jacky who is no longer a parent nominee but now a community nominee. We are losing Tom (our teacher nominee) as he has aleready done two terms of office.  We thank him for the Trojan work he does for the school, on and off the Board. Catherine s replacing him as teacher nominee on the BOard.  We are also losing John, who served as community nominee and we thank him also for his work on the Board. We have two new parent nominees Shandana and Zedd.  

Concert in the school hall

Friday 18th December 2015 at 11:30am

celebrating Mother Tongue week

Languages are the most powerful instruments of preserving and developing our heritage. We want to encourage and celebrate the linguistic diversity of our families and also to develop fuller awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions throughout the world. We believe this will inspire solidarity based on understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

Mother tongue week celebrates the fact that many of our children are skilled in a language that we can’t easily celebrate in the normal running of the school year. We want to give the children the chance to be able to sing a song, say a poem or listen to a story in their home language during mother tongue week. We have such a rich diversity of language that we need our parents to help us deliver a real and meaningful linguistically diverse week.  Carmen and Gemma sent out requests last week looking for parents to help with both reading and talking to children in various home languages and we are delighted with the response to date.

We are grateful to the many parents who have already contacted Carmen and/or Gemma to offer their services for next week, either reading a story in class, teaching a song or poem or talking about the cultural heritage of their home country in classes. We are especially grateful to those parents who have offered to prepare a particular language group for a performance at the concert on Friday 18th.  I understand that there will be, amongst others, performances in Lithuanian, Yoruba, Polish, Mandarin, Italian and Urdu which will be led by parent volunteers. As well as the specific language groups mentioned here, each of the class levels will be doing a performance involving other languages. Each class has chosen a country and/or a language to study during Mother Tongue week and there will be lots of linguistic and cultural diversity celebrated during the week.


As usual marking the end of the term we will have bell ringers and also a short tin-whistle performance. All children will be involved in some performance at this end of term concert. All parents are welcome. If you have small children please ensure that they are quiet during the performances and perhaps remove them from the hall if they are very noisy or crying. Your school going children will appreciate this kindness. Further information next week!

Saturday, 14 November 2015 14:31

Happy Diwali

Two special assemblies to mark Diwali were held in the school over the last two Fridays. 4th Class (red) presented a series of facts about the Hindu/Sikh festival to a senior assembly on Friday 7th November and again to a Junior assembly on Friday 13th November. The class prepared Rangoli art work and presented  a song "This Little Light of mine"  to the two asssemblies. Each child in the class carried a paper lantern to the performance.  Diwali, also known as the 'Festival of Lights', was celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world on 11 November. Diwali has significance to all three religious groups, making it the most widely celebrated festival in the Indian diaspora. The day is believed to mark new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil, with the word Diwali, or Deepavali, meaning 'row of lamps' in Sanskrit. Diwali also represents a renewal of commitment to family values, with many gathering with friends and loved ones to celebrate the festival.  We wish all out Hindu and Sikh children and families in every happiness for their Diwali celebrations 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 11:49


Please see a special newsletter written about the unpleasant topic of headlice in the News (newsletter) section of this website. Let's try to deal with this together to eliminate the problem occuring at the moment in the school. 

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