Tuesday, 15 November 2016 14:19

Toy and treat Sale Friday 18th November


 Toy and treat sale on Friday. Please look through your house for toys in good condition that that are no longer in use in your house and send them in to the Servery behind the hall any day during the week. We are hoping for lots of 'goodies' on Friday for the children to enjoy. These PTA sales only  rarely take place so we can allow the children to enjoy the cakes, buns and sweets for one day. The children absolutely love these sales as you know. Don't forget to send them in with some money on Friday so that they can buy. Costs are very low so anything at all will get something for your child. The PTA use the money colledcted to purchase equipment, toys etc for your children. 

The coin trail for Syria raised a staggering €1,450.71 for the registered charity Human Appeal. This is the largest amount collected in a coin trail ever in the history of the school so well done to all.The generosity of parents and children will make a difference to suffering families in war torn Syria. A very particular thank you to the parents who counted the coins, and transported them to the bank . A monumental task indeed 


Tuesday, 25 October 2016 14:08

Coin trail for Syria

Today, representatives from Human Appeal, a charity working on the ground in Syria, came to our school and spoke to our senior assembly. The PTA is organising a coin trail for the charity and the assembly was told about how their money could help to alleviate some of the many difficulties facing children and families in war torn Syria. We have created a map of Syria upstairs in the school and children are invited to fill in the map with the coins that they bring in from home. We are asking the children to do jobs for their parents to earn money to bring in to the coin trail. All proceeds will be given to the registered charity Human Appeal. 

Friday, 21 October 2016 12:39

Maths week

‘At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents’ - Jane D. Hull.

Parents, children and teachers well done on a very successful Maths week! What a week we have had here at Esker ETNS. This was such a good week to show the children why they need maths every day and not just in the classroom or maths book.

Children explained to me this week that we need our numeracy skills when we go shopping, travelling on the bus, going to the cinema and even sharing a pizza with our friends.

Our week was full of maths stations, trails and code cracking. We had so many parents come to join us in every class which made it extra fun.

Junior Infants - Maths Stations.  Junior infants showed their parents what they have learned this year by making patterns, sorting, counting, matching and building. 

Senior Infants – Maths Stations.  Parents came in every day this week to help Senior Infants with their counting, netbooks, patterns, matching and addition sums.

1st Class – Maths 4 Fun session with parents. The children played lots of card and dice games with their parents.

2nd Class – Maths Packs.  Parents were invited into school to talk to Gemma about our maths pack. This was a pilot scheme we ran last year which proved successful, so we will continue to run it. Every child was given a maths pack containing: cards, counters,dice, snakes and ladders, a hundred square, language, symbol and number cards. Once a week the teacher will give ‘maths pack’ homework. The parents all agreed to play with their children to develop their numeracy skills.

3rd – 6th Class – Maths Trails. Parents were invited into school to take a team of children from their child’s class on a maths trail around the school. This was a great example of using our ‘maths eyes’ looking at the environment to find shapes, angles, counting, dividing, using fractions and measuring.

A HUGE thank you to all of our parents who took part this week. We could not have run the week without you, and looking at the children’s faces they loved having you in. We are doing lots of work on problem solving skills with the children, we are focusing on maths language and turning this language into mathematical sentences, and solving.

Well done everybody. Please check out our gallery for more photos of our Maths week.

 Colette says a great big congratulations to Gemma on our most successful and best attended maths week ever.






On Tuesday 25th October at 7:30 in the school there will be a meeting for the parents of our Junior Infant classes and a meeting for parents of our Senior infant classes. The class teachers will talk to the parents and outline the curriculum  for each level. They will explain what is expected of the parents at home in order to fully support the education of the children. Teachers will discuss reading and reading readiness, they will tell you about  Aistear, the Early Childhood Curriculum Framework. They will also discuss homework and specifically how best you can help your child in these early days of schooling.  Gemma, our Home School Liaison teacher and Colette, the principal, will also  address the meetings and be available to answer your questions. This is a general meeting for parents and not a forum for individual progress reports on the children. There will be individual clinic meetings next term during which the teacher will give a report to you the parent on all aspects of your child's education and social  development.  


The PTA is  holding its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 29th September at 9:30 in the school hall. The officers of the PTA, including our Chairperson, Aoife Linnane, are stepping down from their committee duties and are looking for other parents to take up the mantle. The officers on the committee have been involved for three or more years and would like to pass the baton on to new , enthusiastic parents. I know that they are willing to help out the new committee and to remain involved in PTA activities. All parents are welcome to come to the meeting, to hear about the work of the committee and hopefully to help out in some of the many activities organised during the year. We. would all like to thanks the outgoing committee for all their hard work on behalf of all the children in the school.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 19:38

HSE Hearing tests for senior Infants

The Health Service Executive is organising hearing screening tests for our Senior Infants this week, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 27th and 28th September.  This is a simple hearing test and there is no need for parents to be in attendance. If there is a problem with your child's hearing, you will be contacted by the HSE and a follow up appointment will be made.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 21:03

Health and well-being week

Last week was Health & Well being week in our school. Have a read below of what Gemma had to say about this very successful initiative for pupils,  teachers, other staff  and parents. All were involved in this active and mindful week. 

"It was a chance for us to be mindful of our surroundings, concentrate on our mental & physical wellbeing, connect with our friends, and take a chance to be thankful of what we have rather than looking at what we don’t have.

 Activities throughout the week included: Go noodle in the class, chair yoga, 6th class yoga, class to 1km walks, healthy smoothies made by our parents, sensory walks, mindful eating, gratitude lists, and daily brain breaks with relaxing music and a thought of the day to focus on.

 The parents also took part and relaxed with yoga and kept fit with a 5km walk.  Thank you to all the mums who spent the morning chopping, blending and serving our healthy smoothies. Also a big thank you to Carambola for the donation of fruit and vegetables. Part of staying well is staying connected with friends. We had a ‘getting to know you’ coffee morning on Friday. It was great to meet new friends and to re connect with familiar ones too.

The week is over, but the message stays the same. Take time to take care of your health and yourself. Look after your body by eating the right foods and by exercising, looking after your mind by relaxing and staying in contact with friends, and if you ever have a worry share it with someone and always ask for help!


A big thank you to everybody involved!


Tuesday, 30 August 2016 14:09

Welcome back

Welcome back to all our pupils and a particular warm welcome to our new Junior Infants and the other new children coming to us up the school. All of our existing pupils will meet in the yard as usual between 9:10 and 9:20 on Thursday morning. Their new teacher will be out there to meet and greet them.  Gates open at 9:10. Our new junior infants will be welcomed in through the front door of the school at 9;20 and will go straight to their new class accompanied by their parents. There will be staff on site to help you and to show you where to go. 

New children from Senior Infants to 6th class come in through the front door at 9;20 and go to the hall where once again you will be met by staff who will register your  child and bring him/her up to their new class.


The school grounds will not be able to accommodate all the cars so you are advised to park outside the school grounds, preferably at the Castle Road entrance., if you wish to accompany your child into the school. You may not leave your car unattended in the school grounds as there is a drop off service only available there. Yopu may leave your car at the CAstle Road entrance carpark which we encourage pur parents to use.

 Reminder: Junior Infants go home early at 12;20 pm each day until September 19th. Senior infants go home at 2;00 and 1st to 6th go home at 3 pm

The first day is very busy for all staff, children and the school secretary so please be patient if you have a query or better still come back to us with your query over the next couple of days or early next week. 

Once again , a particular warm welcome to our new families and we will enjoy getting to know you over the next few years in the school 




To finish off our wonderful year I thought I might just choose one of my favourite photos from our very busy, exciting and fruitful year. I love this photo and it brings back all the memories of our brilliant Mary Poppins show. 

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