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Active Week

A Walk for Water On 22nd March Colette, Gemma and the Green School Committee went to Glendalough to take part in a walk for water with An Taisce. The idea behind the walk was to walk in solidarity with other children around the world who have to walk for water daily. We were learning about the value of water, especially clean water and how we have a responsibility not to waste it. We began our day by meeting with students from other schools and An Taisce. The Glendalough park ranger was there to point out the wildlife we spotted on our walk. All of these animals, from feral goats, deer, and ravens depend on water to live. We went to the upper lake and filled up containers full of water and placed them in our back packs. The weight was considerable, and it made our 6km walk that bit tougher. The weather was against us that day, it was freezing cold and rained a lot. As we were walking in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in developing countries, we could not let a bit of bad weather discourage us. The children did so well on the walk, and never complained once. They were fascinated with the surroundings and even enjoyed spotting and discussing natural landscapes, and clouds that they had learned about in geography. They realised how lucky we all are that we can simply turn on a tap when we are thirsty or dirty. We don’t have to boil our water to avoid getting sick. They realised that we need to make a concerted effort not to waste such a valuable resource. The Green School committee presented what they learned to the school at assembly which was based on the Global Goal 12 – responsible consumption.
Student Council Educate Together One Day Fundraiser Educate Together is committed to providing equality based education for all children. Educate Together is child centred, democratic, and multi denominational. Funds are needed to set up new schools throughout the country. Educate Together rely heavily on donations to help run the organisation. On hearing this, the student council decided that they wanted to contribute to the Educate Together movement, and wanted other children to have the opportunity to go to a school like Esker ETNS. They decided on a movie day fundraiser for the school, and titled it ‘Esker goes to the movies’. Every child donated €2 which bought them a movie ticket and a bag of popcorn. Delicious!!! They introduced the idea of the democratic process into the junior classes. Every child was given a vote on what they would like to watch. Children voted with their feet in the junior classes and walked toward the movie poster of their choice. The senior classes took part in a secret ballet. They understood the value of their voice. As the vote was very close they could see that every vote counts. If we are lucky enough to have a vote, use it! The junior classes voted for Trolls and the senior classes voted for The Secret Life of Pets. A great day was had by all, and the student council raised over €800. Well done to our very hard working Student Council!!!
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Hope in the Darkness

Hope in the Darkness. Homelessness is a very real and relevant topic for all of us today. Unfortunately, it is an issue that is affecting our friends and families every day. We think that a really important lesson to teach children is that, if we are in a position to help others, we should. We sent out a request to our families to donate snack foods, drinks, and fresh fruit and vegetables so that we could donate them to the Hope in the Darkness charity group. This group meets at the GPO at the weekend and hands out hot meals and food to homeless people and families. Everybody who works with this charity group is a volunteer. Yet again we were overwhelmed by the generosity of all of our families in the school, we had over 10 crates of food that was donated by our parents and children. Carambola our lunch company also kindly donate 100 snack bags and 100 water bottles. Gemma drove in to Dublin on a Saturday night and gave them our donations. She saw first- hand how far your generosity went towards homeless families and individuals. Thank you to everybody who donated, our small contributions resulted in a Huge amount of food.
Monday, 08 May 2017 22:26

Seachtain na Gaeilge

Seachtain na Gaeilge Seachtain na Gaelige took part all over the country from 6th – 16th March this year. It went on for two weeks. During this week our aim was to expose the children to the Irish language and culture. There was a hive of activity in the school from buddy reading in the junior classes with the older classes in Irish, Irish trails, dancing and quizzes. Our small shop travelled around the school daily. It was run by the 5th and 6th class student who encouraged other children to shop speaking in Irish. On Thursday 16th March we had a Lá glas (green day) and a Ceilí Mór and assembly where the children showcased their Irish songs or poetry. This year our parents got involved in the festivities. Gemma taught them the dances, and our parents took part in our school Ceilí. A big thank you to our live band who performed tirelessly at our Ceilí (dance) which consisted of Tom, Evan, Deirdre K, Aoife B, and Frank( Alex’s grandad from JI Green). The children really tried their best to use what language they know, and really appreciated the fact that a language is only alive (beo) when it is spoken and used. Is breá linn an Gaeilge

Hoping that the yard and the hall will be a sea of green for tomorrow's Seachtain na GAeilge ceolchoirm agus céilí. Bhí gach duine ag cleachtadh don Cheolchoirm agus don céilí and taimd réidh anois don spórt


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Vietnamese and Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese and Vietnamese New Year to all our families who celebrated on Saturday. We had a lovely assembly on Friday 27th where we unveiled our new dragon. Each child in the school had a part to play in making the huge dragon and he/she (we're not sure yet) will grace the back wall of the hall for some time to come. Thansk to Leah, Niamh, Komeera and tania who put the whole thing together.  We will have a competition to give him a suitable name. 

A special thanks to our parent, Maureen,  who came into Second class and gave a presentation about Vietnam, which was very enjoyable and informative. She also helped the children to make beautiful red and yellow decorations and gave each child a traditional red envelope with chocolate coins inside. 

It is, of course, the Year of the Rooster. This year will last until 15th February 2018. The New Year , also known as the Spring Festival is marked by the lunisolar Chinese calendar, so the date changes from year to year. The festivities  usually start the day before the new year and continue until the Lantern Festival , the 15th day of the new year.

Each year is characterised by one of the 12 animals which appear in the zodiac.  This year the Year of the Rooster.


As you know, the General Members Meeting planned for Saturday 28th January had to be postponed, because of the low number of confirmed attendees. I am pleased to tell you that this meeting will now be held on 


Saturday 11th February in our school, Esker ETNS, Lucan. 


As a democratic organisation, it is important that Educate Together’s members come together to discuss matters of importance to our schools. This year we are developing a new strategic plan, and we need members to be engaged in the process. Educate Together has  asked us to promote this meeting widely.  Board members, teachers and parents are all welcome.  I would ask that  you  RSVP if you intend to come to the meeting. Respond here:


I would be very pleased to see members of our Board, our PTA, parents and teachers at this meeting so do come along if you can .


We received the following message from the Board of Directors 

 Unfortunately due to the low numbers of confirmed attendees, the General Members’ Meeting (GMM) which was to be held on Saturday, 28/01/2017 in Esker ETNS has been postponed. A formal invitation will be sent to all Members when the rescheduled date is finalised. 

 Many thanks, 

Educate Together Board of Directors



Food Dudes is a healthy food initiative run by the Department of Education and funded by the EU. The aim of the initiative is to encourage children to try and eat fruit and vegetables, and to include them into their daily life.  The ultimate aim is to combat childhood obesity.  If we teach our children healthy eating habits from a young age, this will help them throughout their lives.

For 16 days, our children were given a portion of fruit and vegetables daily. They were rewarded for tasting them initially and then for finishing the portion.  They got to try; apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, and mange tout. If at first the children didn’t like the taste of them, we encouraged them to try it again and again. Tests have shown that it may take up to five tastes before a child will like something.  Our 6th class children were our Food Dude Superheroes who arrived at the classrooms daily providing fruit, vegetables and lots of encouragement to all the children to keep them healthy.

It is vitally important that children have a balanced diet and that fruit and vegetables are eaten as part of their everyday. Teachers are now checking that children are eating these every day in school. Children will be rewarded with bronze, silver and gold certificates if they eat a portion of any fruit and any vegetables every day.  Children are encouraged to bring portions of fruit and vegetables from home into school, or you can change their carambola lunches online to ensure that they get some in their school lunch.

Our school is working towards getting our first Active Flag. A lot more information about this in the coming months 



Parents & Guardians - get active, get fit, make friends!

Every new year comes with new resolutions and good intentions. If you are hoping to get fit, Esker can help you get active. Walking club is on every Thursday at 9.30am. Gemma meets the group at the main entrance for a brisk 5km walk. Everybody is welcome, buggies included. It’s a great way to meet other parents in the school and to become part of our community.

Yoga is on every Monday morning in the hall at 9.30am. This is a free class for all of our parents, all you need is a mat, some water and a little bit of motivation.  It will run until April.  If you are interested contact Gemma on 086 026 1061.

I hope you will join us for a healthy 2017.



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