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Agreed report March 2016

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Esker Educate Together

BoardofManagement Agreed Report 

March 3rd 2016






Esker ETNS


Date of Meeting



Minutes taken by

Catherine Hare


Apologies (initials)



Present (initials)



Time Meeting Opened

7.30 pm







 Minutes of previous meeting


Minutes proposed, adopted and signed

Proposed by J.

Seconded by S.R


Matters arising

Traffic Management

Robert Fraser from ABM builders will be installing poles around the turning circle next week. We will also be installing a 25- metre line of poles down the driveway and 2 10- metre sections (where?)This is to prevent u-turns.


A text was sent today reminding parents not to park in the disabled parking space.


Agreed report +sections of Principal’s Report will be uploaded to “About Us” section of website following every BOM meeting.




 A request for extra facilities for storing bicycles has been received from PTA. There is no objection in principle to this but further details regarding the  location and size need to be supplied before this can proceed.





Financial report given by Sandra.

The school is in the process of switching banks so funds are currently divided between two accounts.




Child Protection/Anti Bullying Report

No incidents of bullying to be reported.

3 Child Protection reports made , 1 accepted by Child protection service, 2 to be monitored here in the school



Career Break Applications





Sherpa Kids Application

Applications to extend Career Break have been received from Emma Stewart, Ruth Coughlan and Gráinne Ring. These requests were granted.





Video presentation and powerpoint by Lucan franchisee of Sherpa Kids Alan Campbell.

It is considered good practice for primary schools to provide this type of after care service. The cost was discussed. It is possible that the DES may offer a grant to subsidise the cost.

 Sandra, Zydrunas and Shandanah speaking as parents felt positive about the proposal.

The Board agreed to invite A.C to survey parents to assess the demand for the service and make a presentation to the parent body. It would be necessary to get firm commitment as to the terms of the care provision from S.K before any contract would be signed. It would also be necessary to examine the S.K insurance policy.

The Board agreed that a condition of the service being provided would be that there would be a minimum of two adults present at all time.




Request from Muslim Community for use of rooms after school

A request has been received from Zachariah from Muslim Community for use of rooms for private Arabic and religious education classes 5 days a week.

The application was accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a number of interested parents. This letter contained a testimonial re Zachariah and a request that the Board would accommodate this service.

Colette explained that it is generally not possible to make classrooms available as they are used daily by teachers for preparation and also are used to store information of a confidential nature.

 The hall is currently in daily use after school. Resource rooms are currently used after school three days a week. If Sherpa Kids is given the go-ahead the resource rooms will be used daily.

The Board agreed to offer a resource room one day a week from 4pm -8pm to this community.


Photocopier Report

Photocopying Contract












.The board agreed to commence the new contract from 1st May 2016, which will include access to three photocopiers, one upstairs, one downstairs and one exclusively for the office

















Principal’s Report

Principal’s Report presented and adopted. The report included

Info on student numbers, staff numbers and changes (maternity leave etc.) Common enrolment policy, Staff CPD, 1916 Celebrations, Mary Poppins, Seachtain na Gaeilge, PT meetings, Mobile library, The anniversary of Paul Kilgarrif, Focus Ireland Fundraiser, 2nd Green School Flag.


Full Report attached




Percentage for Art

This project is underway. 38,000 euro is available to the school to commission a piece of artwork. The school is required to set up a committee and employ an art consultant to manage the project.

Our art consultant is Fergus Cronin. The committee includes representatives from the Board, teaching staff and parents.

Fergus Cronin has lots of ideas representing the ethos/culture of the school. He is doing a lot of work on our behalf and not taking a fee, only expenses.

The next stage is to invite artists to bid for the project. The Board will consider four bids. Some funding will be offered to the bidders to cover expenses (make model etc). This should leave about 35,000 for the actual project. The hope is to have a decision made (if possible) by end of the school year.



Educate Together EGM

An EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) was called in relation to the financial affairs of Educate Together. Colette attended. E.T is getting very little funding from the State. The Board of E.T is seeking donations of 140, 000 euros. The purpose of the EGM was to give permission to E.T to ask schools for a donation of 1,000 euro, or more. This motion was overwhelmingly supported at the EGM.

The donation was discussed. Sandra said we were in good position to make a donation at the moment as there is a good revenue stream from rental of the hall. Peggy said the request is likely to be once-off and for this reason suggested a donation of 2,000.

Sandra proposed 2,000.

Colette seconded.



Data Protection/CCTV

Colette sent out a copy of the draft policy. Ratification of the policy is to be deferred until after it has been reviewed. Jackie to liaise with Marie, who has the authority to communicate with Custodian on behalf of the Board.


Request for towels/lawnmower










Next meeting

Paper towels have been requested for hygiene reasons

Concern was expressed over the amount of waste this would generate together with the ongoing cost. A decision was taken to trial children bringing in their own towels. Paper towel dispensers will be installed in adult toilets. Hand sanitisers will also be installed.

Jackie has a contact in this business and will seek information.


Barry has requested a ride-on lawnmower at a cost of 1,200 euro. The Board agreed to this purchase.



Thursday 21st April




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