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BOM Agreed Report 21st January 2016

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Venue    Esker ETNS    
Date of Meeting    21-01-2016   
Minutes taken by    Catherine Hare   
Apologies (initials)    Marie Reilly    
Present     Peggy Masterson, Colette Kavanagh, Zydrunas Polgrimas, Shandana Durrani, Jacky Zhang, Sandra Russe, Catherine Hare

Time Meeting Opened    7.30 pm    Closed    9.30pm

Minutes of previous meeting - Peggy
Minutes proposed, adopted and signed
Proposed by Sandra Russe
Seconded by Jacky Zhang    

Matters arising - Peggy
Percentage for Art: Peggy reported that she will be attending a meeting on Tuesday 26th January. Leah Burke has been nominated as staff representative for the project. A more comprehensive report will be given at the next meeting

Correspondence - Colette/Peggy
Received from Educate Together National Office. Notification of EGM on Jan 23rd 2016 to discuss their financial situation caused by reduced state funding and withdrawal of funding by Atlantic Philanthropy. Schools may asked to donate a minimum of 1000 euro to help with the National office’s current situation. Decision to be made at the EGM.
Each member school has been requested to send a representative to the EGM. Colette volunteered to attend on behalf of the school and was nominated by the board to do so.
Principal’s Report - Colette
Principal’s Report presented and adopted. It included reports on
•    Actual (421) and projected numbers for 2016-2017 school year
•    Mother tongue week
•    Mother tongue concert
•    New language curriculum due to commence 2016-2017 for junior classes
•    School Self Evaluation: The introduction of Guided reading from 2nd class to 6th class
•    Music Generation Ready Steady Sing programme in two 4th classes funded by the PTA
•    Preparations for Mary Poppins show for final term
•    SEN applications for new JI for September 2016

Finance - Sandra and Colette
Certified accounts for 2014-2015 by L.V Hogan & Company Ltd were presented to the meeting by Sandra, treasurer
Proposed by  Colette and seconded by Shandana
Change of bank being undertaken currently in order to facilitate access to internet banking.    

Policy Development - Marie and Colette
Data protection policy: This policy is currently being updated to include particular reference to CCTV cameras.  Colette to meet with Marie to work on this further. This will be circulated in advance of the next meeting.     

Snag list - Colette
A final snag list has been compiled by Barry.
The builders have accepted responsibility for all the items on the list bar the supply of noticeboards for the SEN rooms. The DES Engineers have agreed to conduct an examination of the heating system before the contractors are paid.
Peggy congratulated Barry on his work in compiling the list.

Parent teacher meetings - Colette
Arrangements for parent teacher meetings for Junior Infants to Second class were outlined to the meeting. Meetings to take place 9th and 10th February     Colette

Traffic Congestion - Peggy and Colette
Traffic congestion is an ongoing problem and a resolution will be sought as part of the strategic plan during the term of this board.
The turning circle outside the main entrance features a flat roundabout, not raised as per the original school plans. The raised roundabout was not built on the instruction of the DES as the concern was it would prevent large vehicles turning. Some parents disregard the existing roundabout which poses a danger.
The board would like a more substantial roundabout put in place in order to facilitate a safer flow of traffic at collection times. The builders say they are not liable to do this work as they had been instructed not to build a roundabout by the Department when the school was being built. They are prepared to put in place detachable poles around the roundabout. The board is also considering installing a line of these poles down the centre of the driveway to prevent drivers doing u-turns. The school would fund the purchase of these poles. Peggy offered to consult the RSA for advice as the cost of a privately commissioned traffic management report is prohibitive. The situation continues to be monitored and will be reviewed after the installation of the poles.

Date of next meeting     Thursday 3rd March

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