Tuesday, 16 May 2017 13:55

100% Attenders in T2

Our attendance is improving month by month and term by term. The message has to come from all of us: Parents and teachers. School is so important. In order to learn your child needs to be in school. The only time that they should miss school is if they are sick or have a medical appointment. Please only take holidays during the scheduled school holidays. The children are trying really hard to come to school every day and on time and we have noticed a real improvement. Congratulations to all our 100% attenders from junior infants to 6th class.
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 11:48

An Taisce Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again when the parents, children and our Green School committee rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up our community. Each year we have taken part in the An Taisce Spring Clean and each year the number of people who have taken part has increased. Despite it being a wet and windy day, our spirits were not dampened. The children and parents worked tirelessly in the school ground and the surrounding school area to clean up. We picked up over 20 bags of rubbish, from crisp packets, bottles, cans and cigarette packages. We were shocked at how much we gathered in a relatively short time. The children were delighted to do their bit for their community, and it really illustrated the importance of using the bin. We have installed two new litter bins outside of our school, as we have noticed an increase of litter on the grounds. Please take responsibility for your own litter. Use the bin. If you see litter on the ground pick it up, you are helping everybody by keeping our streets clean. A huge thank you to everybody who took part. Check out the gallery for more pictures.
Monday, 06 February 2017 10:48

CLOVER Trip to Lucan Library

On Friday we brought out Junior Infants along with their parents to Lucan Library as part of our CLOVER project. We took a Double Decker bus, which the children absolutely loved. 

When we got there, Laura the librarian told us all about the different types of books available to borrow and showed us the lovely area especially for children. Again, she spoke about the benefits of reading to children every day. The parents then found a nice little quiet spot and read to small groups of children.  Children Love Reading!! At the end of the session, every child was presented with their very own CLOVER certificate.

If you are not a member of the library, but would like to be, all you need is a photo ID and a utility bill to join. Everything is FREE!

We hope that our parents and our children keep up the great habit of reading every day together, and that they visit our local library as often as they can.

Check out the gallery for more pictures of the trip.

Monday, 16 January 2017 13:45

C.L.O.V.E.R Project in Junior Infants

We have run the CLOVER project in our school for a number of years now to promote literacy, and it has been a huge success. This year was no different. We loved having the parents in.

CLOVER stands for Children Learn On Very Early Reading – or Children Love Reading!

It began with an introductory meeting in school with the parents, Colette, Laura our local librarian and myself. We talked about the benefits of reading to your child regularly, and particularly about starting this habit when a child is young. This habit not only gives you quality time with your child to enjoy, but it undoubtedly will contribute to their academic success. Not only are you working on their literacy skills but giving them a love of reading. That gift is priceless!

Parents joined us on a Friday, to read to the children. We had so many volunteers that the children were able to get involved and take time to talk about the stories that were read to them. Thank you so much to everybody who got involved. I hope that you enjoyed coming into your child’s class as much as they enjoyed having you. Our CLOVER trip to Lucan library will be on Thursday 9 th of February. Everybody is welcome to hop aboard the double decker bus to read stories together in the library.

Please check out the gallery for more photos of this wonderful literacy initiative.



Friday, 25 November 2016 11:25

Adult Classes - Gardening club


Term one is nearly coming to an end. Wednesday saw the end of our Garden class for parents. Audrey was our tutor, and she was great at inspiring our parents to dig, plant and create. We cannot wait to see the fruits of your labour in Spring time. The class was a great way to meet other parents in the school, and after week one it turned into a social club. Parents shared recipes, had many a cup of tea and a chat and had lots of laughs. Check out our gallery for more pictures. We will be looking for more parents to get involved with the school garden throughout the year.


I will be sending out letters in the new year, regarding other classes that are available to every parent and guardian of Esker ETNS. These classes are free and are a great way to get involved in school life.



Friday, 30 September 2016 10:54

Classes for parents.


All of our classes for adults are now up and running, and will continue until the end of December.


We have three classes for parents running at the moment. English (beginner and intermediate) which is on Tuesday morning. Collette Green is our tutor from the ETB and she has proved to be very popular with our parents.


Gardening is on a Tuesday with Audrey. There is still spaces available in this class if you fancy getting your hands dirty or you have green fingers. We have a great group of parents who have some great ideas on how to develop our school beds into a garden for the children.


If you have any questions or would like to join, please call me on 086 026 1061. Get involved, meet other parents and have some fun while learning new skills!


Thursday, 29 September 2016 12:56

Congratulations to our 100% Attenders


Here in Esker ETNS, we promote attendance. The children know that the more they are in school, the more they will learn. 

It is so important to promote positive habits around attendance in school.   From junior infants to sixth class, it so important to come to school every day.  Every day they learn something new.  The only reason that your child should miss school is if they are sick or during a family emergency. If your child has a medical or dental appointment, we encourage them to come to school before or after the appointment.  We understand that many of our families have relatives abroad, but we get very long school holidays in the summer, December, and April, so we encourage you to travel during school holidays only. If you child is ever absent, please follow this up with a note in their journal, and/or a doctor’s note if appropriate and give it to the class teacher.  Punctuality is also a very important and valuable life skill to have. School starts at 9.20am, children should lining up at 9.10am in the yard. Colette, Tom and myself are there on a morning to greet and supervise your children at this time.

If your child misses 20 days or more, or has a number of unexplained absences we have to report this to TUSLA (The Child and Welfare Aency).

We reward excellent attendance termly. If a child is in school every day for a full term, they receive a gold medal at our attendance assemblies. If a child is present for every single day for the three terms, they get rewarded with a school plaque.

I would like to say a BIG congratulations to all of our children who received a gold medal for the final term last year. A MASSIVE congratulations to the 100% attenders for the whole year. Keep it going, we are very proud of you!

Parents, ultimately you are in charge. Please DON’T LET YOUR CHILD MISS OUT!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016 13:00

Health & Wellbeing week in Esker ETNS


Last week was Health & Wellbeing week in our school. It was a chance for us to be mindful of our surroundings, concentrate on our mental & physical wellbeing, connect with our friends, and take a chance to be thankful of what we have rather than looking at what we don’t have.


Activities throughout the week included: Go noodle in the class, chair yoga, 6th class yoga, class to 1km walks, healthy smoothies made by our parents, sensory walks, mindful eating, gratitude lists, and daily brain breaks with relaxing music and a thought of the day to focus on.


The parents also took part and relaxed with yoga and kept fit with a 5km walk.  Thank you to all the mums who spent the morning chopping, blending and serving our healthy smoothies. Also a big thank you to Carambola for the donation of fruit and vegetables. Part of staying well is staying connected with friends. We had a ‘getting to know you’ coffee morning on Friday. It was great to meet new friends and to re connect with familiar ones too.


The week is over, but the message stays the same. Take time to take care of your health and yourself. Look after your body by eating the right foods and by exercising, looking after your mind by relaxing and staying in contact with friends, and if you ever have a worry share it with someone and always ask for help!


A big thank you to everybody involved!




Friday, 13 May 2016 10:23

Grandparents day


We had the most wonderful Grandparents day in our school on Thursday 12th May. As part of Bealtaine Festival with SDCC, we invited our grandparents to our school. 


The pupils from the student council ran the show. They welcomed our grandparents, served them afternoon tea, and took special care of our honoured guests.  Frank and Amal read out the proclamation for a new generation, as written by the pupils of Esker ETNS, and we gave our grandparents a copy of this to take home as a memento.  Many of our classes performed for them and kept our grandparents entertained for the whole morning – we had percussion, singing, dancing, drama and rapping.


As Colette told our grandparents on the day, they are such important people in the lives of their grandchildren, and have the time to spend with them and teach them about their heritage. We value our grandparents so much and felt so lucky that we had so many to share this special day with.

Go to our gallery (2015/16) to see the rest of the pictures from the day!


Tuesday, 10 May 2016 13:26

Yoga - Friday at 9.10am

Our parents have been enjoying yoga this term. Siobhan is our yoga teacher, and she has proved to be very popular. The class is on every Friday morning at 9.10am - 10.20am, and will run for the next four weeks. All are very welcome. It is a very relaxing way to stretch your body for the weekend. A healthy body makes a healthy mind!


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