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C.L.O.V.E.R Project in Junior Infants

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We have run the CLOVER project in our school for a number of years now to promote literacy, and it has been a huge success. This year was no different. We loved having the parents in.

CLOVER stands for Children Learn On Very Early Reading – or Children Love Reading!

It began with an introductory meeting in school with the parents, Colette, Laura our local librarian and myself. We talked about the benefits of reading to your child regularly, and particularly about starting this habit when a child is young. This habit not only gives you quality time with your child to enjoy, but it undoubtedly will contribute to their academic success. Not only are you working on their literacy skills but giving them a love of reading. That gift is priceless!

Parents joined us on a Friday, to read to the children. We had so many volunteers that the children were able to get involved and take time to talk about the stories that were read to them. Thank you so much to everybody who got involved. I hope that you enjoyed coming into your child’s class as much as they enjoyed having you. Our CLOVER trip to Lucan library will be on Thursday 9 th of February. Everybody is welcome to hop aboard the double decker bus to read stories together in the library.

Please check out the gallery for more photos of this wonderful literacy initiative.



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