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Congratulations to our 100% Attenders

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Here in Esker ETNS, we promote attendance. The children know that the more they are in school, the more they will learn. 

It is so important to promote positive habits around attendance in school.   From junior infants to sixth class, it so important to come to school every day.  Every day they learn something new.  The only reason that your child should miss school is if they are sick or during a family emergency. If your child has a medical or dental appointment, we encourage them to come to school before or after the appointment.  We understand that many of our families have relatives abroad, but we get very long school holidays in the summer, December, and April, so we encourage you to travel during school holidays only. If you child is ever absent, please follow this up with a note in their journal, and/or a doctor’s note if appropriate and give it to the class teacher.  Punctuality is also a very important and valuable life skill to have. School starts at 9.20am, children should lining up at 9.10am in the yard. Colette, Tom and myself are there on a morning to greet and supervise your children at this time.

If your child misses 20 days or more, or has a number of unexplained absences we have to report this to TUSLA (The Child and Welfare Aency).

We reward excellent attendance termly. If a child is in school every day for a full term, they receive a gold medal at our attendance assemblies. If a child is present for every single day for the three terms, they get rewarded with a school plaque.

I would like to say a BIG congratulations to all of our children who received a gold medal for the final term last year. A MASSIVE congratulations to the 100% attenders for the whole year. Keep it going, we are very proud of you!

Parents, ultimately you are in charge. Please DON’T LET YOUR CHILD MISS OUT!


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