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Active Schools Week

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Once again this year Esker ETNS is organising an Active School Week (ASW) as part of our annual school calendar. The ASW initiative is about providing FUN and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for ALL members of the school community. All of us at ESKER ETNS would like to reinforce the message that not only is physical activity good for you but it also very enjoyable. During ASW each class spends at least thirty minutes each day performing fun and enjoyable physical activities. This year’s ASW gave the children the chance to sample some of the physical activity opportunities that are available in our local community in Lucan and to work collaboratively with students, parents and members of the community. Some of the activities enjoyed included kinball, orienteering, dodge ball, gymnastics, cross country running, cricket, karate, unihoc, hockey and a football competition.

Local Clubs visiting our school:

Many local clubs and associations joined us during ASW and the children got to play sports that they may not have had played before. A very big thank you to all of the clubs that came to our school during ASW, without your help and time our ASW event would not have been so successful. Some of the visiting clubs included; Lucan Harriers Athletics Club, Weston Hockey Club, North Kildare Cricket Club, Adamstown Cricket Club as well local Karate and Gymnastic groups.

Music on the Yard:

Music was played in the yard each day of Active Schools week, a special thank you to all the teachers who organised the speakers and to the children from the Active Schools committee who helped to teach everyone the dance moves. Children loved dancing along to their favourite songs including “cheerleader", “Best day of my life", and not forgetting our School favourite “Mr Blue Sky”.

Active travel:

ASW provided us with a great opportunity to remind students and their families about the importance of active travel to and from school, if possible. Many children took the opportunity to walk, scoot or cycle to school during Active Schools week and all children participated in Friday's walk a mile with a smile.

Friday's walk a mile with a smile:

There was a definite buzz in the school by the time we got to Friday of Active Schools week. The Children were very excited to take part in our walk a mile with a smile. The sunshine even helped us out on the day!! It was a wonderful event and many thanks to the parents who came to join us on the day.

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