Word wall

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We have been learning lots of new vocabulary this year! When the children find one of their word wall words in their book they earn a dojo point! More importantly this reinforces their understanding and enhances their written work, as well as their reading!
A few weeks ago I put up a picture of our Space Art. Since then the children have completed and presented their own group space projects. They put in a huge amount of work and learned some amazing facts! Here are some of the children working on their projects!

Space Week

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It was Space Week this week! We listened to songs about our solar system, and watched informative videos about space! We also began researching our own space projects. Some of us are looking at space travel, while others are researching stars, asteroids and comets. Some children have even chosen to…
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Hello and welcome everyone to Senior Infants! This year we will be documenting our adventures on Twitter. To get updates and to see pictures of what we get up to in school please follow us on @SeniorInfantRed. (https://twitter.com/SeniorInfantRed) Regards, Komeera
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A warm welcome back to everyone in 6th Class Red for their last year in Esker. With only a few days left in September I have been reflecting on what a busy month we have had. Our class did fantastic work during Well Being Week, collaborating together to make a…
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Here we are working on our problem solving! Word problems can be very tricky, so every week we take time to practise problem solving strategies. By highlighting important words, drawing pictures and estimating we have worked out some difficult problems already this year!
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