Food Dudes

Written by FoodDudes is a healthy eating initiative that is starting in our school on Wednesday. The children will be studying the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in SPHE lessons. You can help by visiting the FoodDudes website to gain more information and by helping your child to make good…

Maths Week

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6th Class Red participated in Maths Week this year. We did extra problem solving in class, completed a Maths Trail with the help of our fantastic parents and played Maths games. One challenge we particularly liked was completing games and problems bases on the curriculum though the online programme Mangahigh.…
Esker held a Health & Wellbeing week back in September. We learnt about different ways to look after our physical and mental health. We created a poster to promote wellbeing in the school and won a yoga lesson with yoga instructor Siobhán. 
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Before our mid term break, we made rockets in class. They were constructed using insulation tubing, card, duct tape and elastic bands. Yesterday some of us took turns launching them to see how far they would travel!
Today we were learning about whales, we looked at how they eat, breathe and communicate. We worked in groups researching different facts and reported them back to our class mates! Did you know a baby blue whale drinks up to 500 litres of milk a day! Ask your children what…
Today we met three ambassadors from Human Appeal Ireland. They spoke to us about the terrible war in Syria. They spoke to us about the work they do helping families with medical and food supplies. If your parents would like to learn more about the charity the PTA have chosen…
We hope you like our Halloween art!
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