A few weeks ago I put up a picture of our Space Art. Since then the children have completed and presented their own group space projects. They put in a huge amount of work and learned some amazing facts! Here are some of the children working on their projects!

Space Week

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It was Space Week this week! We listened to songs about our solar system, and watched informative videos about space! We also began researching our own space projects. Some of us are looking at space travel, while others are researching stars, asteroids and comets. Some children have even chosen to…
Here we are working on our problem solving! Word problems can be very tricky, so every week we take time to practise problem solving strategies. By highlighting important words, drawing pictures and estimating we have worked out some difficult problems already this year!
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In Maths we have been working on place value an addition. During the week we had maths stations where we played dice games and problem solving games. The games helped us to put into practice everything we've been learning.
We have already completed a few art projects this year, but here is a photo of some of our Picasso portraits. Picasso was a Spanish painter who work in an abstract style known as cubism. What do you think of our Picasso inspired artwork?
We spent time the first number of weeks practising cooperative games and team work. Our first task was to create a free standing structure using only masking tape and straws. We ended up with a number of structures, including a bridge, a giraffe and monkey bars!


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Welcome to 3rd Class Red's page! We have been up to lots since we started back a few weeks ago. We've been working on teamwork and cooperative games and have already started back swimming! Along with Wellness Week and all the new things we have been learning in class it's…
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