Monday, 03 April 2017 08:39

February in Third Class Green


In February we were really busy learning lots of different things. We learned about Buddhism and taught the children about it at our assembly. Buddhism is all about the teachings of Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama.

Nirvana Day is celebrated on the 15th of February. We made lotus flowers we painted them pink, purple and white.  We also made Buddhas, we coloured them in with oil pastels. Colette picked three of the pictures for her office. 


We learned about Martin Luther King Jr. He was born in Georgia in the United States and then moved to Atlanta. He did amazing work for equal rights for all. So we celebrate and remember him on the third Monday of every January.

We did meditation everyday and we did exercise as part of our Active Flag activities, just before big break started, we went  outside and we ran four laps of the two basketball courts everyday. This adds up to 500m every day.

We also learned about healthy food and so we try to bring in fruit and veg for our lunches everyday too. We wrote stories in pairs during English lessons and as well as that we watched a movie in the hall and we got popcorn. To do this you had to pay two euro but all the money went to charity.                                



Wednesday, 14 December 2016 17:09

Our Year So Far

In Third Class Green we are very busy getting ready for our school concert. It will be a great day and we can't wait to see the parents there. Each week we will be picking one child to write a report on exactly what happened in school so keep checking our page to see more. Here is a recap on some interesting events from the year so far.



The children were getting to know each other again after their holidays so they did a number of group challenges such as construction with straws, English stories, drama and more. Learning to work in groups is so important, the children had loads of fun  figuring out how to solve puzzles together and how to work well with one another.


The children were learning all about Space and did lots of collaborative work on projects and art. They even got to make their own rockets in groups.



The children were learning all about Sea life in particular about Turtles and Whales. They got a chance to see videos of turtles coming out of their shells for the first time and making their way to the sea.


We have started working on our song for the school concert. They are doing lots of work on their English spellings and of course multiplication tables. They had a great class competition with third class red where they were runners-up, they have to do lots more practice for our next competition so we can beat Third Class Red next time!!!


Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:00

January and February


January has been very busy and the children have settled back nicely after the holidays. The children have been learning about Winter and Penguins and are loving it.

We are now nearly finished learning all their letter sounds. Be sure to practice them every night with your child, here is a lovely song on youtube that is a great way for helping them to learn their letter sounds and songs.

The children read Henry's Holiday and Penguin fact books and the Magical Snowman.

In the coming weeks the children will be reading We're going on a Bear Hunt' check it out here: