Friday, 03 March 2017 09:56

March Week 1

March Week 1



Marcos wrote this week’s blog.


We have been learning lots of different things this week in school; in maths we have been learning about patterns, we think it is quite easy. We are learning skills in chess. We play it  once a week. We are learning 4 new songs in music called Born On A Train, Sweet Child of Mine, The Man Who Sold The World, and Believe.We have finished our projects in S.E.S.E this week and the class have seen them all. Our class is trying to get more Irish done in class and inprove it. We do lots of reading in class in the mornig after our mental maths. Our class likes reading. We are doing the stay safe progam in class. We do a good amount ofS.P.H.E in class. Our class is very fit because we run 1 km every day. We are doing different sports  in P.E and we are having fun playing the sports outside. We are back from our mid term break and we are happy to be back with all our frends playing out side and having fun.



Friday, 03 March 2017 09:44

February Blog

Wasi did our blog again this week.


Yesterday we were doing a tangram challenge to make squares, houses, horses and people and we’ve also been learning about 2D shapes for the past week. We’ve also been learning about the ancient romans and how the slaves had to fight against lions and other animals and people. Today we have been learning about gravity and also did an experiment on how the earth moves around the sun using balls and a big sheet.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017 10:15

Class Blog

Hi Everybody,


We have been doing so much hard work that we thought we should share it with the world! Each week a student will write a blog keeping you up to date on what e are doing in class. This week Wasi wrote our blog.


Yesterday we have learnt about government, democracy, and how people vote and take part. We also have ran 1KM in the yard for the past two weeks to get fit for the active flag.

We even have focusing on show don’t tell writing for the past few weeks in English and have been writing stories all about different clips and even drew a picture of a piece of writing for art. We are trying to become better writers and paint pictures in the reader's mind.

We’ve also learnt so many different songs and the history of music and the different styles and sounds compared to now and then. We learned about 'Blues' and 'Rock 'n' Roll' and Elvis and The Beatles. We learnt how to play chess and now started playing it every Wednesday.

Thank you

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 13:07


Welcome to Fourth Class Green.

Our first term is well under way by now and we have been working really hard. We've been learning all about evolution and the history of life on earth in S.E.S.E as well as learning and practicing our chess. 

We've been using the Class Dojo system in our class, where we all get to design our own character for the whiteboard and we're all trying our best to get at least 10 points a week.

Along with that we've been doing lots about diaries in English, revising and learning about time in our maths, and playing loads of fun games in Irish. We have lots more fun stuff planned for the rest of the term too, check in here for updates!