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Hi Everybody,


We have been doing so much hard work that we thought we should share it with the world! Each week a student will write a blog keeping you up to date on what e are doing in class. This week Wasi wrote our blog.


Yesterday we have learnt about government, democracy, and how people vote and take part. We also have ran 1KM in the yard for the past two weeks to get fit for the active flag.

We even have focusing on show don’t tell writing for the past few weeks in English and have been writing stories all about different clips and even drew a picture of a piece of writing for art. We are trying to become better writers and paint pictures in the reader's mind.

We’ve also learnt so many different songs and the history of music and the different styles and sounds compared to now and then. We learned about 'Blues' and 'Rock 'n' Roll' and Elvis and The Beatles. We learnt how to play chess and now started playing it every Wednesday.

Thank you

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