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November 2013 Newsletter

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November 2013 Newsletter

Parent Teacher Meetings November 26th and 27th November: Senior Children (3rd Class to 6th class)

These meetings will be held for all parents of students from 3rd Class to 6th class on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th November. Teachers from these classes will be in contact with you next week to offer you a time slot (10 minutes) for the meeting for your child. Please make every effort to attend these meetings as they are a very important way for us as teachers to let you know how your child is doing in school, academically and socially.

Lunches: The school lunches have now begun. We have a few comments to make about the process so far-

First of all for those Muslim families who are concerned about Halal, I have received a certificate from the company Carambola which certifies that that what they say is halal is in fact halal. Any parent who wishes may view this certificate in the office. But for absolute clarity, I would like you to know that the plain chicken is halal. At this time the other chicken, 'chicken tikka' and 'chicken with stuffing’ are not in fact halal. The turkey is not halal. Obviously the other choices, egg, cheese tuna etc. are fine.

Secondly, this school lunch is designed for second break. It is the same size for infants as for senior children. As a parent you may wish to send in something extra, particularly for the senior children.  Your child will tell you if they need more or not. What we do not want is that parents send in a complete second lunch. Part of the reason for the free lunches is to ensure that children are not eating too much. Apparently, one out of four children in primary schools is overweight or obese. These meals are nutritiously balanced.

Lastly, your child will be issued with his/her own pin number in the next couple of days. The child may (with your permission) change the lunch as often as he/she wants on a weekly basis. Your child can alter the menu for the following week. Once the menu is received online before Saturday night, it will be processed for the following week. If you do not go in and change the menu, the menu stays the same as you ordered for last week. One way or another, the lunches will keep coming. It is simply up to you whether and how often you wish to change it.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

As part of our process of rewriting our Anti-Bullying policy and involving the children and the parents in the process, we sent eight of our students (the Student Council reps from 3rd Class to 6th class) to an Anti-Bullying Ambassador training session in Skerries Educate Together National School this week. These ambassadors will highlight the issue of bullying and how to deal with it and will encourage children to come to them of they have a problem. The ambassadors are trained to know what to do and to contact the teacher or Colette or Tom when there is a problem. They(along with the staff) will be talking to the older children about cyber bullying, internet, mobile phone and X-Box/games where they might encounter nasty behaviour and what to do to stop it and to report it. The Anti-Bullying ambassadors have lots of ideas for school based initiatives to continue to make our school a Bully free zone and you will be hearing a lot more about these in the coming months.  We will be discussing the antibullying policy with our Board and our PTA, looking for their input, before it is finalised but if you have a suggestion or submission to make, please send it in writing to Colette in the office or to Sinead as Chair of the PTA.

Adamstown Cricket Academy: Sunday Morning Training

Adamstown Cricket Academy cricket training will be run every Sunday till Christmas. Training will be held in Adamstown ETNS school and run by Adamstown Cricket Club coaches.

·         9.00-10.00am(Age 6-10)  

·          10.00-11.00am(under 15)

Fee: €4/session. Please register your interest at 0851424525 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . I would encourage your children to join this group. Many if our children are already involved and it is a great way to keep fit and be part of a team.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who are involved in providing after school Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). We have a gymnastics club, chess club, computer club and a Lego club at the moment. We are hoping to start a debating club for senior children and a reading/drama club for older children in the near future. These activities are provided free of charge by our teachers/ parents after school and we ask that you are very careful to collect your children on time after these clubs. All ECAS run from either 1:50 to 2:50 (for infants) or 2.50 to 3.50 pm so you must be here to collect your children at either 2:50pm or 3.50 pm.

New Building: Esker Lane

I am told by the Department of Education and Skills that plans are still underway for our new school in Esker Lane to be up and running by September 2014. The Department has gone out to tender and contracts are due to be signed with the successful company in the next four weeks. We are told that building will commence in December/ January and that the build take 36 weeks. It doesn’t leave a lot of margin for error!

Creative Keyboards

Creative keyboards is a private company who wish to set up classes in our school every Thursday after school. The classes would be group lessons and the children would be taught how to play the keyboard which is now a recognised instrument for Junior Cert and Leaving Cert.  They also wish to set up a music course for infants. A flyer with all the information will be sent out to all families early next week. There will a charge of €11 euro per lesson for these classes. The company provide the keyboards for the lessons. If you wish your child to enrol contact the key person whom will be named on the flyer.

Deal Effect

Educate Together has asked us to publicise Deal Effect. It is a new daily deals website (similar to Group on, Living Social etc.) that will give 11% of all sales to a charity chosen by the purchaser.  Educate Together is asking that you name them as the registered charity (there are 29 charities in total to choose from). This initiative could raise money for Educate Together (who really need it) and also save you money because every day there are new deals that you may wish to buy. For example if you purchase something for €100 Educate together will get €11. There is no obligation on anyone to buy from the site once you have signed on. If you already subscribe to a daily deal site or if you would like to, we recommend that you try this one. We are assured that the quality of the deals on the Deal effect site will be as good as those on other sites without being any more expensive, i.e. the 11% will not be a premium the consumer has to pay.


We are making our offers for Junior Infants (2014) shortly. If you have younger children make sure that you get their names down quickly as our waiting lists are getting longer every year and your child is not guaranteed a place if you haven’t registered in time. If you have a child for Junior Infants next September, contact Suzanne immediately if you have not already done so. 



We hope that our families who celebrated Diwali/Deepawali this week had a wonderful time and that you continue to spread light, joy and happiness among your family, friends and community



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