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Junior infant news September 2015

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  Esker Educate Together National School

Junior Infant Information.


We hope that your little one is enjoying being part of Esker ETNS and has settled in nicely these past couple of weeks. I have certainly seen a significant difference in the classes since day one, and it is fantastic to hear them singing, working together and playing nicely.  Here is some information that may help you for the coming year:


Drop off / collection to and from school.

Drop off - Starting on Monday 14th of September your child will start the day by lining up in the yard with the rest of the children at 9.10am. Please walk your child to the left hand side of the yard. The lines start with J.I Green, then J.I Red there are signs on the fence.  There will always be a member of staff in the yard from 9.10am.

Collection – Your child will start their full day on Monday 14th September. Class finishes at 2.00pm. It is important that you are there are there on time to collect your child.  If for any reason you think that you will be delayed, please contact the school office on  01 624 1462. Please can you line up outside your child’s class, against the wall to keep the corridor clear and the teacher will give your child to you. Any school notes etc. will be in their bag so remember to check daily.

The senior infants will also be finished at this time, so there will be an increased amount of traffic and people in the building from Monday. We ask that you either walk, or park appropriately outside, or you can access our school from the Castle Road, and there is far more parking here than in the school grounds. This entrance is beside the wooded area.

If there is someone else collecting your child in the afternoon please let the class teacher know in the morning.


Change of Personal details

If you change address or phone number please can you let Suzanne in the office know as soon possible.

If there are any changes in your child’s health please let us know also.




From Monday 14th September your child will receive their Carambola lunch & morning snack, this is plenty for your child. You no longer need to send in extra lunch unless your child has a specific dietary requirement.  Your child will have two lunch breaks: little break at 11am and big break at 1pm. Talk to them about eating something small at little break and the rest at big break  If you would like to change their lunch you can go online and use your PIN number. The school is unable to change this for you.  Your child will receive their own water bottle, this is to last the year. Please can you fill up the water bottle at home, and we can refill in school if necessary. The children can only put water in these bottles.


Meeting with teacher / principal

If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to come to the class teacher Colette (principal) or Tom (deputy principal), or Gemma (home school liaison teacher), If you think  you may require a bit of time to discuss an issue, please schedule a meeting in advance so the teacher can give you their undivided attention. Parent teacher meetings will be in February 2016.


Absences & Punctuality

If you child is absent for any reason please can you send a note in the following day letting us know the reason. We encourage you to take any family holidays during the school breaks and not during term time. Junior Infants is a very important time for the children, it is when they learn the foundations for reading, writing, maths and social skills.  Being on time to school every day makes such a huge difference for infants. If they are late into class and an activity has already started it can make them very anxious and upset. This is also the case if they are picked up late at the end of the day. If a child is absent 20 days or more we are required by law to inform TUSLA, the child and family agency and educational welfare services.

So please be on time J



Now that your child is in school they have to start doing some things for themselves. Encourage your child to be independent at home e.g. tidying up after themselves, putting on and taking their own coat, gloves*, jumper, and hats. Please practise opening packets of foods that they would have for lunch. This will make school life much easier for them.  Please label any coats, jumpers, hats, scarves, mittens and bags that your child owns.   *gloves are very tricky to put on for little ones so when buying winter wear we would encourage mittens for their little hands*

Your child’s daily learning

Take an interest in your child’s day at school. Ask them what they were doing today. Each month we will be learning about a new theme, we will communicate this theme each month with parents and suggest ways in which you can talk to your child at home to enhance their learning. This month our theme is ‘The Home’.  Read to your child as often as possible in your native language and in English getting your child to develop a love of books and reading will have great benefits when it comes to their own reading later on. There will be a chance for you to come in to your child’s class during the year with Gemma. Please watch out for the CLOVER project.

Take every opportunity to get your child interested in maths and numbers and ask them to help you count things at home or when shopping, point out numbers in the environment e.g. number plates, house numbers etc.

Remember – Children learn best from play. PLAY PLAY PLAY as much as you can!

At every opportunity play outside or in the park. Encourage your child to use their imagination. Take time to meet each other and arrange play dates with class friends.











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