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Newsletter - December 2014

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Newsletter December 2014

2nd Class Red Award

Congratulations to 2nd Class red who have been shortlisted for the best blog category in the international edublog awards.  Cast your vote by following the link on the school website. Press the thumbs up underneath the picture of the three boys. You’ll be asked to sign in with Gmail, Facebook Twitter or Linked in.

Have a browse through the blog itself at and see the wonderful work that has been done in the class over the last term. The blog gives a very good insight into the type of work that is carried out throughout our school.

There are 53 finalists from classes all over the world. Currently Niamh’s class are in 4th place so we really need your vote to get us into the top three. Get voting and get your family voting.


School Concert

We are hosting our first school concert in our new school on Friday 19th December, the day of the school holidays. This year the concert aims to show you the parents, some of the work we do in the ethical education curriculum. As you probably know every Friday there is a school assembly, where one class does a presentation, a play, a poem or a song that highlights one aspect of our Learn Together curriculum. Since September, there have been presentations on Eid Al Adha, on Diwali and on Christmas, representing the Belief Systems strand of the curriculum. There has also been presentations on Rights and Responsibilities from the Equality and Justice strand. A lot of work has been put into the importance of family and friendship and the quality of Respect which falls into the Moral and Spiritual strand. Our Green school committee have made presentations at our assemblies relating to the Ethics and the Environment strand.

Each of the classes will present a short 5 minute presentation which may be a song, a short play or a piece of music. We envisage that the concert will begin at 10:30 and should finish shortly after 12pm. The children will be released from school at 12:20, a half day before the school holidays.

School resumes on Monday 5th January 2015.

PTA Meeting Reminder

Don’t forget about the PTA meeting this evening at 8 pm in the school.

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