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Esker Loves Books New date 11th April Friday

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As you are all aware, we postponed our Esker Loves Books Day because of the recent tragedy in our school. Many of the children have reminded me over the last number of weeks that we still have our Esker Loves Book Day to come and we have decided to hold it next Friday, the 11th April, the day that we close for the holidays. The note below tells us all about it.


Every year Esker celebrates World Book Day by choosing a famous book and arranging a number of fun and learning activities around that book. Last year we had great fun with the Wizard of Oz and the previous year we got totally involved with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This year we are celebrating our love for reading at the end of this term and we have come with a new Title for the Day-Esker Loves Book Day.

Over the last couple of weeks each class from 1st class up to 6th class have been reading books written by the renowned children's author Roald Dahl. Class work in art, drama, poetry and an in-depth analysis of the book and characters formed part of the children's work before we celebrate on April 11th. On that day the school will celebrate our love of books with a special Roald Dahl assembly. Children will be invited to dress up as a character from their class novel (or any character from a Roald Dahl novel or poem). There will be a parade and a prize (a book of course) for the most creative costume in each class.

The children from Junior and Senior Infants are a bit too young for Roald Dahl and they will celebrate Esker Loves Books with a selection of Nursery Rhymes. They will have their own assembly with performances of nursery rhymes and storytelling. The children from the infant classes will be invited to dress up as  a nursery rhyme character, eg Hey Diddle diddle, Humpty Dumpty, Mary had a little lamb, Little Bo Peep, Twinkle, twinkle little star, Baa baa black sheep

Time to start thinking about costumes.  If you google ‘Roald Dahl images’ and ‘Nursery Rhymes’ you are sure to come up with some ideas-Good Luck !

 Remember school closes at 12:10 on Friday 11th for the Easter Holidays. Happy Easter to all our families who celebrate Easter. 

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