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My favourite photo from last year, one of many from the Wizard of Oz celebration of literature. Two cowardly lions are ready to take on the world!!!Welcome back to school after a long and glorious summer. The school office is officially open from Monday 26th August for any queries or new applications. Teachers and auxiliary staff are working from Tuesday the 27th August and we expect to see all our pupils turn up for school at 9:10 am on Thursday the 29th August. This time next year we will be preparing to enter our new premises in Esker Lane.  Having seen and studied the plans the Board of Management is very excited about our new school building as we are sure that all of you will be when you get the chance to examine the plans in some detail. See you on the 29th !


We would like to wish all Esker families celebrating Eid al-Fitr a very Happy Eid.  We hope that you have a very enjoyable day.

Welcome to all new parents and children beginning with us on August 29th. I would like to direct you to the parents section of this website and specifically to the welcome booklet and the welcome powerpoint presentation which I hope will give you lots of information and will answer most of your questions. Booklists for the new school year can also be found here. Looking forward to meeting you all again on August 30th


I would just to remind you all to have a wonderful summer holiday and be ready to start back to school on Thursday 29th August 2013 at 9.10 am Teachers are due back on Tuesday 27th August at 9:30 am for two Croke Park preparation days. The pupils have two extra days of holidays which I know that they will make the most of. See you all in late August and make the most of this exceptional summer weather. The school office will be open on Monday 27th August


See great new photos of our very successful Junior Sports day and Senior Sports day on June 19th. Check out also the new gallery of our athletes in Santry at the Cumann na mBunscol interschool  competition. A very special word of congratulation to Asad who won gold medal in the over 12 sprint category, Pictured here with his class teacher Rob 

Goodbye to all our graduation class of 2013. We had a wonderful ceremony here in the school yesterday to mark the passage of our twenty eight 6th Class children from our school and on to second level. Songs of friendship and songs of farewell were sung (Lean on Me and the Graduation Song) and of course 6th Class (accompanied by a very supportive 5th Class) sang the song that has become our school song “What a Wonderful World”. I would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every child who is leaving our school the very best for their future education and indeed for their future life. and what a magnificent cake. Thank you to Agne Kechida, mother of Amir in Senior Infants, who continues to make the most wonderful cakes for all our big celebrations. This cake featured the names of each and every one of the graduating class and they were very excited to get a slice of cake which featured their own name. And it tasted wonderful

I hope that you will come and visit us and let us know of their successes at second level. To the small number of children and families who are leaving to move to a school in a new county or country or a different part of our city , we wish you also a smooth transition to your new school.

Goodbye to teachers

Goodbye also to Carmen, our Language support teacher, who is taking a one year leave of absence to be with her family in Spain and hopefully to have many other adventures during her career break. She will be back!

Goodbye also to our temporary teachers, Karen, Sarah, Katie, Deirdre W. Linda, Aisling and our part-time teacher Grainne from Adamstown. We may be seeing some of these teachers again as interviews will take place over the summer for new positions for next year.

Welcome back

Welcome back to Emma, Rebekah and Gemma ( all of whom were on Maternity leave) who will be returning to the school during the school year 2013-2014.

Don't forget to look at our galleries. Click into each of the pictures to see many, many more pictures. 

Well done Rob, the teacher who beat all teachers with a top score of 284 skips in 2 minutes to become the star skipper of Esker Educate Together. Congratulations also to Azmain in 4th who was the children's winner also with an amazing 284 skips in 2 minutes. Rob is second on the left, looking very modest!!! All our children from Senior Infants up had a workshop with John from Skip2BeFit last Friday. The emphasis on this year's skipping day was on using skipping as a means to get fit, rather than learning new skipping techniques as we did last year. We purchased a skipping kit bag which we will use in PE classes next year, for a six week challenge, working towards getting our children fit. I have to say that the children were very excited by the competitive nature of the day and I am amazed but pleased at the amount of skipping ropes that have been sold. Children have also bought the ball on a string and I would encourage the children to use the ropes to try to improve their scores and therefore their levels of fitness. They are in competition with themselves to get fit. Encourage their efforts. Well done everyone.

Congratulations to all the children who are making their first communion in St. Patrick's Church on Saturday 11th May 2013.  Congratulations to Mantas and Charley from 2nd Class (Red),  Sebastian, Connor and Rita from Second Class (Green)and to Samuel from 4th Class (Green). The Esker Educate Together community send you best wishes for a great day. Best wishes also to Luca who is making his communion abroad.   

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